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Ditch the Detox and Diet in 2018 – Oakmead Clinic
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Ditch the Detox and Diet in 2018

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Ditch the Detox and Diet in 2018

It’s that time of year when we’ve all had a lot to eat, drink and we’ve been merry and the detox and diet advertisements pop up on tv and social media in their thousands. We’re bombarded with messages about losing weight, getting slimmer and in shape.

Nutritional therapist Helen Adams, of Oakmead Clinic, has some strong advice though – just ditch the detox and the diet and remember it should be about feeling good, not feeling deprived.

“Having this green juice or that ready-made meal and basically starving yourself silly is not the answer. You will lose weight initially but you probably cannot wait for your ‘diet’ to end and then you’ll pile the weight all back on over time, sometimes very quickly,” Helen said.

Christmas and New Year cover a period of time, Helen said, when we can load up on alcohol and carbohydrates and this puts a heavy load on the liver.

“Think of the liver like passport control in an airport. You have to stand in the right queue and there are a finite number of booths and staff and the staff have to sort out the food into the right queues and the more work it has to do, the longer it takes to sort out. The more passengers there are, the longer the queue, the longer the wait. This means you can feel sluggish and slow.”

Another reason, she explains, is that the lymph system which runs alongside the blood system is the body’s ‘super highway’ for getting rid of the rubbish – whether that’s toxins from our food or bits of broken blood cells. However, it only works via gravity and the movement of our muscles next to it and if we’re sitting down a lot, the movement of that rubbish is slow.

Signs we’ve eaten too much and given our livers and lymph systems a lot of work to do include:

  • fatigue
  • headaches
  • brain fog, not being able to think straight
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • increased PMS
  • bad breath

Tips to deal with this over the new year and in the few weeks after include:

Tip One:
Move – this helps the system work properly. A
gentle walk after a heavy meal helps get the systems
moving or, if you have a mini trampoline, bounce for
about five minutes even while watching television.

Tip Two:
Eat some foods which help the liver including:
• garlic & onions
• broccoli & cauliflower
• sprouts
• some fruits such as apricots & kiwi
• some vegetables such as peppers, beetroot,
carrots and pumpkin.
• leafy greens such as spinach.

Tip Three:
Drink regularly – but choose wisely. Good drinks are
water and herbal teas.

Tip Four:
Brush your skin – the skin is the body’s biggest organ
but gets forgotten. Using a dry skin brush (available
from many outlets) before a shower and brush it in
strokes towards the heart. This brings fluid to the
surface which brings toxins with it.

You know when your body is recovering when the brain
fog lifts and you start to feel more energised. Anyone
interested in talking to Helen about adopting a healthier
eating strategy to feel good and lose weight naturally,
can book a 30-minute free discovery consultation via the
website – www.oakmeadclinic.co.uk or email


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