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Food Intolerance Testing using Kinesiology – Oakmead Clinic
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Food Intolerance Testing using Kinesiology

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Food Intolerance Testing using Kinesiology

First of all, what is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a non intrusive means to help detect food intolerances and other imbalances in the body. It works on the same energy meridians as acupuncture. It does not aim to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. If you think you may have a food allergy please see your doctor.

What is the difference between food allergies and intolerances?

Food Allergy

A food allergy is a severe reaction which occurs within 3 hours of eating a culprit food. This type of immune response involves the IgE antibody and a histamine response. Symptoms can appear as hives, rashes, sneezing, or shortness of breath or other symptoms. Some IgE allergies can result in an “anaphylactic” reaction, which can be potentially fatal. Please consult your doctor if you think you have a food allergy.

Food Intolerances

Food intolerances are adverse physiological or chemical reactions that are often more subtle than an allergy. An example of a food intolerance would be lactose intolerance. This is when an individual does not produce lactase, the digestive enzyme that digests milk. It may result in symptoms as diverse as bloating and stomach cramps to “glue ear” and sinus problems. Another example would be an intolerance to chemicals or additives in the food such as monosodium glutamate or preservatives.

Intolerance reactions may seem unrelated to the offending food as they can occur hours or days after consumption. This “delayed” reaction is far more common than the allergy IgE type.

How Kinesiology can help identify food intolerances

It is estimated that 45% of people suffer from symptoms of food intolerance. Each of us has a unique biochemistry, a particular food can cause health problems for one individual and be perfectly fine for another. What you might think of as a healthy food may actually be doing you harm.

Kinesiology can help to pinpoint foods to which you are sensitive. Results are immediate and testing is completely pain free. There is no need to remove any clothing. It is suitable for both adults and children.

Do I need to bring any foods to my testing consultation?

I have an extensive range of foods in my test kit covering common intolerances such as wheat and gluten, dairy products, beans and legumes, sugar, eggs, yeast, MSG and various others.  It isn’t necessary to bring anything with you.


The test comes with a standard two-page report of foods tested and a simple ‘intolerance yes/no’ marking matrix, so you will be able to put your new knowledge into action straight away.

A more detailed Food Intolerance Report is also available as an optional extra.  This details what is causing the intolerance, what foods to avoid or to check, what names to look out for etc.  Your own food intolerance tests are also incorporated within the report. Click on the following sample Food Intolerance Report to see.

Please note that any children need to be accompanied by an adult.

Want to know more? – contact me on 07799 431 612, book my free Health & Energy Assessment or email me on helen@www.oakmeadclinic.blacknovadesigns.co.uk

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