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Getting Back your Zest4Life! – Oakmead Clinic
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Getting Back your Zest4Life!

Oakmead Clinic / Weight Loss  / Getting Back your Zest4Life!

Getting Back your Zest4Life!

Are you burned out, stressed out, exhausted and overweight?
Have you tried dieting before, but somehow the weight always seems to come back again?
I work with people who are fed up with being over-weight and who would love to look in the mirror and love what they see. Some of these people know the clock is ticking and they must do something different after a diagnosis of type II diabetes or pre-diabetes from their doctor – especially after the shock of seeing the recent Panorama programme on ‘Diabetes: the hidden killer’ showing graphic images of amputations and other serious complications, all as a result of type 2 Diabetes.

When I came across Patrick Holford’s Zest4Life approach to weightloss and health, I was immediately struck by the common sense of managing your blood sugar throughout the day to avoid the highs and lows of hunger pangs, mood and emotion swings, not to mention curbing the massive negative impact of insulin on our bodies when we are out of balance. Educating clients to understand how to make dietary changes themselves so that they feel better without going hungry, they feel full without the brain fog of either running out of fuel or stalling on the wrong fuel, gives them back control. The magic ingredient then is practitioner support. How helpful would it be to know that, whether you simply love potatoes, or you’re going out for an Italian meal with friends and don’t know the best food choices, your practitioner is there to guide you and coach you, without being judgemental. I will keep you to your goals, perhaps with a little bit of challenge thrown in there as well to stretch you that bit further.

So what about other ways of losing weight? Fads come and go, but calorie-controlled diets have been around a long time. These reduce the energy supply so that you burn fat instead of sugar (more difficult to do). The most energy-dense food is fat. A whole industry has spawned around low-fat/no-fat processed food, which tastes vile (a personal opinion there!) and is high in added sugar. You can guess what this does to your blood sugar balance. There is a further downside – half of our vitamins are fat-soluble, they don’t like water. If we don’t have sufficient fats we can’t absorb those vitamins and our internal chemistry gets confused, resulting in problems from dry, itchy skin to headaches and brain fog, and from lack of energy to carrying more weight around the middle – and that’s very hard to shift. Less energy means we want to do less exercise, therefore we burn off less fat, therefore we feel the need to diet! It’s a vicious circle and many people are on this diet yo-yo for years. The bottom line is: you need the right fats in your diet – I can help you with that.

Want to know more? – contact me on 07799 431 612, book my free Health & Energy Assessment or email me on helen@www.oakmeadclinic.blacknovadesigns.co.uk

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