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Interview with Helen – Oakmead Clinic
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Interview with Helen

What's your Story?

I came to healthcare from a stressful, high-level job with too many demands and not enough hours in the day - familiar to many. My own health had suffered for many years, but I struggled through because my family needed even more support. My son had digestive issues since birth and crashing chronic fatigue. Every day was a 'duvet day'. My daughter had meningitis at 8 weeks old which left her with mild learning difficulties but no extra support at school.

The final straw came when my husband became seriously ill after a bout of food poisoning. In the space of only a few weeks he descended into depression. A locum doctor prescribed prozac, and after taking just 1 tablet he became suicidal. When I was at work, I phoned him after each meeting - not just to give him a bit of moral support but to see if he was still alive. I gave up work within weeks and became a full time carer for my family.

I had learned a lot about health and the body through the years with various specialists and doing my own research. I was frustrated that none of these experts could really make a significant difference. They gave me standard answers that didn't address my needs - they didn't join the pieces together. I always felt there had to be solutions there, somewhere.

I was explaining the latest chronic fatigue approach to someone when they said: ``You know so much about all this, why don't you become a practitioner yourself?``

So I did. Formal qualifications gave me the best and most up-to-date knowledge from many experts. Looking at the whole person and not just one symptom is so powerful, and what better way can there be to speed up the healing journey than to take into account your lifestyle and individual preferences? I know there are solutions now - I can help you find yours.

Even a small change can be difficult sometimes and together we take a new path, with just the right amount of challenge and support. I believe everyone should be able to live the life they want to live.

Why do you offer different therapies?

My 'kit bag' has many tools because no one therapy is enough on it's own. I use nutrition and kinesiology as a core. Possibly GP blood tests or other hospital/lab tests, or DNA tests for genetic wellness. I may add iridology to tell me about your genetic inheritance and health concerns that may occur in your lifetime. All of this really helps me build a thorough understanding of where the problem is (often not the same place as the symptoms!) I use kinesiology to test everything from foods to mobile phones and heavy metals, energy or emotional issues, or just a feeling of being out of balance.

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Do you have any specialisms?

Yes. My specialism is getting results with my clients. Labels for conditions give you a vocabulary to group symptoms together but not the cause. I love taking complex, long term health and weight issues (including fatigue and pain-related conditions), clearing away the clutter so we know what we are really trying to address and gradually unpeeling the layers that have built up over time to get back to the real you that was there all along.

Why is your approach so successful?

I make my consultations fun and interesting! I use coaching tools to prevent clients getting 'stuck' on any changes to habits and I use handouts to give them something as a reminder when they leave my clinic. These could be anything from a chart to fill in about what colours of the rainbow you are eating every day for the next week (that one is very popular, and again, very revealing), or a planner for shopping for your new foods - if you don't have it in the house, you won't be able to eat it. Everything I recommend has a very practical emphasis and I always explain why something is or isn't a good idea so that you can buy into it. It won't work to ask you to do something if you haven't a clue how it will help. Every profession has its jargon and I try to keep mine to a minimum so that everything makes sense to you. A very big part of healing is you being in control, and to do that you have to understand and be very involved. My consultations are done 'with you', not 'to you'.