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The Eyes are the Windows to Your Soul – Oakmead Clinic
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The Eyes are the Windows to Your Soul

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The Eyes are the Windows to Your Soul

More appropriately, that should be: ‘the iris is the window to your soul’!    From earliest times, the eyes have been used to tell us more about their owners:  The Chinese found certain health tendencies from the size, shape and set of the eyes; in the Ayurvedic tradition, eye colour is part of a person’s constitution.  Even as far back as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, there are pictures pointing to the iris with what looks like a magnifying device.  The iris is the coloured part of your eye and can tell a skilled practitioner a lot about your health.  It is a diagnostic tool that many naturopaths and iridologists use, in addition to other methods, when delving deeper into the causes of your health problems.

So what would an iridology assessment tell you?  Your left iris reflects your genetic inheritance from your father, and your right iris reflects your inheritance from your mother.  What they show can be quite different.  On one side of your family, you may have a tendency to digestive issues, on the other you may have thyroid, heart or any number of other conditions.  These can leave an imprint on your iris to show that you have inherited some degree of that genetic weakness and, given adverse conditions, may result in some related health issues during your own lifetime.  Of course, you are not just a combination of your parent’s health problems and you will have some all of your own!

I take a picture of your iris with a special magnifying camera to show me more detail than is visible with the naked eye.  All those lines, shapes, colours, rings and freckles have significance and help me work out why your body is doing what it’s doing and where to target additional support.  There could be up to 200 different signs charted in the iris, but I will just look at the ones of major importance to you.

Here is a little teaser: in Iridology, there are only 3 eye colours – blue, brown and mixed blue-brown (this often looks hazel to the naked eye).  There is no green – this is a sign of needing some detoxification.  The condition of the blood vessels in the white of the eye is also revealing – they may be meandering; they may be pointing to a particular part of the iris (which focuses attention on a part of the body), the eyes may look quite bloodshot or there may be no blood vessels visible at all. 

Iridology is a blueprint for wellbeing, rather than a diagnostic for disease alone.  It empowers you to understand better how your body works and where it struggles and needs more support, and together with my other therapies, enables you to have a suitable health strategy in place for the times when life is overly busy or stressful so that you have less illness in the future.  Isn’t this what everybody wants?

Want to know more? – contact me on 07799 431 612, book my free Health & Energy Assessment or email me on helen@www.oakmeadclinic.blacknovadesigns.co.uk

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